Serbian Medieval Heroes

Feature-documentary series – 10 episodes
Release date: November 2017, Serbian Broadcasting Corporation

Director and Writer: Gordan Matić
Director of Photography: Predrag Jočić S.A.S
Costume and Makeup Designer: Ivana Nestorović
Editor: Stevan Marić
Production Design: Dragan Mićanović
Sound Recordist: Vladica Budić
Sound Designer: Vladimir Petričević
Narrator: Vladimir Aleksić
Poetry Reading: Biljana Đurović i Nela Mihailović

  • Synopsis

    “Serbian Medieval Heroes” is a feature-documentary TV series based on the original idea by Rados Bajic, Serbian actor, director and writer. It is a television project that brings us certain undiscovered details of Serbian medieval history and heritage. Each episode tells a story about one of the greatest Serbian medieval heroes. With various illustrations, graphic, digital as well as feature and costume ones, we follow the stories about Marko Kraljevic, Dusan the Mighty, brothers Vukasin and Ugljesa Mrnjavcevic, Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic, Milos Obilic, Vuk Brankovic… Discovering their lives and destinies, we learn about politics, economy and all other aspects of social life in medieval Serbia.

    Executive production of this TV series has been greatly supported by numerous Serbian and foreign experts such as historians, archeologists, ethnologists, literature experts. The great effort they made to represent all the historic and other important facts, was crucial to the success of the project. Thanks to them we have created a realistic presentation of medieval society and life in Serbia.

    Every episode is based on the story that the narrator tells us. Along with the experts talks and epic poetry readings, we witness the reconstructions of actual historic events with CGI and feature segments combined, with rich authentic costumes and props, which all help our imagination to picture the Serbian medieval heroes as they were.

    Some of the important medieval historical artefact and localities seen in this series have never been captured by camera before. “Serbian medieval heroes” have been filmed in various locations in Serbia and abroad – Belgrade, Krusevac, Obedska bara, In Kosovo – Prizren, Gracanica, Decani, but in Istanbul, and Macedonian cities Prilep and Skopje as well.

    The author of the series Gordan Matic explaines: “History, especially ancient period – is actually nothing more than our perception of history. Hardly any important information has been recorded and saved during Serbian past. The truth is - that gives us unlimited inspirations, but on the other hand it caused us huge problems since the actual truth of numerous important events from our past remained unrevealed. In Serbia, only a few TV projects in the form of research-educational television narrative, treated Serbian medieval history as we did. Actually, with this project our intention was to create a valuable story that would be interesting and educational to both young and older TV audiences.”