Ustanička, 25/4, Beograd, Srbija

For King and Homeland

After a great success of TV series “Rift of a nation”- first season of the World War II Trilogy 1941-45, the story that tried to reveal the facts hidden for 70 years, about the beginning of the war in 1941, about actions that defined the destiny of our nation in past decades, and after great fuss created in public all over the ex YU region, Contrast Studios, in association with Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, commenced the second phase of the project – feature film “For King and Homeland”, from the author Radoš Bajić.

“For King and Homeland” tells a story of an old Serbian soldier Milisav Janjić, ex corporal, who fought against Germans in the World War II as a member of the movement of Chetniks, beside the general Dragoljub Draža Mihailović. Masterly combining Milisav’s memories and reminiscences of the past and war, with present moments, the author narrates about German attack, April War and breakdown of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, about the tragedy that hit Serbian people, loss of freedom, beginning of Serbian movements of liberation and one Serbian soldier who returns nowadays to his fatherland after 70 years of emigration in USA.
Film „For King and Homeland“ represents a particular personal lament over the period of World War II, and a kind of retraction from the theme I was into for the past five years”, explains the author Radoš Bajić.
The film brings a very powerful antiwar, human massage. It is dedicated to all the patriots and compatriots, who fought for their fatherland in 1941, paying tribute to the best liberal traditions and aspirations of Serbian people during the World War II.

Director/ Writer: Radoš Bajić
Director of photography: Predrag Jočić
Editor: Stevan Marić
Production designer: Dragan Milanović
Costume designer: Vesna Teodosić
Make-up artist: Dušica Vuksanović, Aleksandar Rasinac
Sound designer: Igor Perović
Sound recordist: Darko Glišić, Vladica Budić
Music: HIBOU


Marko Nikolić, Nenad Okanović, Neda Arnerić, Maša Lazarević, Nebojša Glogovac, Ivana Adžić, Ljiljana Stjepanović, Slobodan Ninković, Aleksandar Ðurica, Ivan Vučković, Milorad Mandic, Lazar Ristovski, Irfan Mensur, Petre Arskovski, Miloš Timotijević, Nedeljko Bajić, Branislav Tomašević, Miloš Ðordevic, Miloš Biković, Jelena Jovanović Žigon, Ðorde Živadinović, Jelena Mila, Marko Baćović, Olga Odanović, Stojan Ðorđević, Igor Ðorđević, Milan Čučilović, Aleksandar Srećković, Ðorđe Erčević, Ljubiša Ristović, Danica Todorović, and others.