Selo Gori a Baba se Češlja

TV series – 5 seasons – 101 episodes
Comedy - drama
Release date: 2007-2016, Serbian Broadcasting Corporation

Director/Writer: Radoš Bajić
Director of Photography: Predrag Jočić S.A.S
Music Composer: Aleksandar Sanja Ilić
Editors: Snežana Ivanović, Stevan Marić, Srđan Ristić
Costume Designers: Snežana Bekrić, Vesna Teodosić, Ivana Nestorović
Makeup Artists: Stanislava Zarić, Dušica Vuksanović, Mirjana Stevović
Production Design: Jasna Dragović, Ivan Denić, Dragan Mićanović
Series Director: Nedeljko Bajić
Executive Producer: Jelena Bajić-Jočić

  • Synopsis

    TV series „Selo gori a baba se češlja“ is an elegiac story of a modern Serbian village in 21st century. Written as a comedy, combined with deep melodrama elements, this a tale whose central characters are small, simple, but at the same time great people. This is an affectionate saga of family and krsna slava (religious feast day), of sons and fatherhood, of some well-known secrets; the tale of people living by the river Morava, in Sumadija, in Serbia, but also in every other place on Earth where love and the joy of life are the main reason for living and survival.

    As an executive producer, in coproduction with Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, in the period 2006-2010, Contrast Studios achieved great success, producing five seasons (101 episodes) of this famous TV series. According to television audience measurements, which is the only proper way to evaluate the success of a TV program, famous “Baba” beat all the ratings ever recorded in Serbian TV market thus far. With the first four episodes, our series found its place at the Top Ten List, and then consolidated the position with the following ones. The share of audience was in average 65 percent, with the average rating of 32, for the period of four years of running, which means 4.5 million people, which is the half of Serbian population watched almost every episode of our series, in premiere and the first repetition broadcasting. Radašin, Milašin, Zlatana, Radojka, Dragojlo, son Dragan and other exceptional characters made their way to the audience, making „Selo gori a baba se češlja“ a unique social, sociology and cultural phenomenon. As a proof to this, there is a long list of prizes awarded to the author, his associates and the project in whole.

Cast: Rados Bajic, Milorad Mandic Manda, Dragan Nikolic, Mirko Babic, Meto Jovanovski, Ljiljana Stjepanovic, Olga Odanovic, Nada Blam, Fedja Stojanovic, Nela Mihajlovic, Suzana Mancic, Milena Dravic, Nedeljko Bajic, Nenad Okanovic, Nikola Kojo, Ana Sakic and many others.


·         Acting couple of the year Him & Her (Ljiljana Stjepanovic & Rados Bajic), Festival of acting achievements, Nis, August 2008
·         Manager of the Year in Film and TV Production (Rados Bajic), Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade, January 2009
·         The Best TV series in 2008, Novosti, Belgrade, February 2009
·         Golden Turkey Award- Zlatni ćuran (Rados Bajic), Festival of comedy in Jagodina, March 2009
·         The Statue of Joakim Vujic (Mirko Babic for the role of Dragojlo in the series and the entire artistic work), Theatre Encounters Joakim Vujic,                      March 2009
·         Oscar of Popularity for the Most Popular TV Series in 2008, Belgrade, March 2009
·         Lifetime Award (Rados Bajic), Festival of Satire and Caricature, Krusevac, April 2009
·         Lifetime Award (Ljiljana Stjepanovic for the role of Radojka in the series), Festival  Nusic’s Days, Smederevo, April 2009
·         Award for the Top Results in the Domain of Culture – TV (Rados Bajic), Karic Foundation, May 2009