Psi Laju Vetar Nosi

TV series – Season 1 - 11 episodes, Comedy
Release date: October, 2017 - Serbian Broadcasting Corporation

Director: Jelena Bajić–Jočić
Writer: Radoš Bajić
Director of Photography: Predrag Jočić S.A.S
Costume Designer: Ivana Nestorović
Make-up Artist: Mirjana Stevović
Editor: Stevan Marić
Production Design: Dragan Mićanović
Sound Recordist: Vladica Budić
Sound Designer: Igor Perović
Series Director: Nedeljko Bajić

  • Synopsis

    Produced by Serbian Broadcasting Corporation and Contrast Studios, “Psi laju vetar nosi” is a TV series, character comedy by genre. It tells a story of little known, controversial Belgrade suburbs and outskirts and the people who live there – anonymous, ordinary people existing at the borders of a metropole, trying to make their living. Dreaming of a better life, kind, generous and above all funny as they are, living lives full of absurdness, trying to stay alive, they come across various challenges and tests, pleasures and disappointments.

    The central character is Kostadin Stavric Stavra, small fraud, snappy and clever, appearing rough but gentle and kind on the inside. He lives in Ostruznica, Belgrade suburb, doing anything it takes to survive, living and working on the edge of the law. Nevertheless, he is not a criminal, just an ordinary guy trying to provide for his family. Stavra sells car wrecks collected along the nearby highway, he is an illegal taxi driver, he collects and trades recycled candles from the cemeteries, he is getting through it, facing numerous troubles and difficulties. He lives with his old mother, his wife Grozdana, young brother dreamer and poet Razvigor, brother in law fanatic communist Gostimir and two sons – Tomce i Hrana. Stavra has two older brothers, one is a musician called Mika Armunika because he plays accordion (harmonica in Serbian), the other is Stojke, called Gladiola, owner of the funeral services company and the head of the entire family Stavric.

    Tales about our protagonist Stavra, his brothers and cousins and all other interesting people entering their lives, are actually a social and satirical testimony of a modern Serbian society, narrated through comedy, with the aim to entertain the audience.

Cast: Tihomir Stanic, Anita Mancic, Mira Banjac, Radoslav Rale Milenkovic, Rados Bajic, Milenko Pavlov, Boro Stjepanovic, Boris Milivojevic, Danco Cevrevski, Ana Sakic, Marko Zivic, Ivan Jevtovic, Dragan Marinkovic Maca, Nedeljko Bajic, Djordje Ercevic, Isidora Minic, Aleksandar Sreckovic Kubura, Nenad Herakovic, Marko Pavlovic, Djurdjina Radic, Sanja Vucic and many others…