Psi Laju Vetar Nosi - Season 2

TV series – Season 2 - 11 episodes, Comedy
Release date: October, 2019 - Serbian Broadcasting Corporation

Director: Jelena Bajić–Jočić
Writer: Radoš Bajić
Director of Photography: Predrag Jočić S.A.S and Marko Bulajić
Costume Designer: Ivana Nestorović
Make-up Artist: Mirjana Stevović
Editor: Stevan Marić
Production Design: Jelena Mirković
Sound Recordist: Vladica Budić
Sound Designer: Igor Perović
Series Director: Nedeljko Bajić

  • Synopsis

    Two years after a brilliant start with season one, TV series “Psi laju vetar nosi”, gets the second season. After the first eleven episodes that literally captivated television audience, recording audience share of approximately 50 percent and 21 rating points, taking a solid first place at the TV top charts in 2017, it was clear that the story of Stavric Family will get its sequel. This is the reason why millions of TV fans will get to enjoy their new adventures starting fall 2019.

    The second season of the TV show “Psi laju vetar nosi” will bring unexpected life circumstances to the well known characters. The story of Stavric Family carries a lot of healthy comedy and positive humor, but provokes deep human existence contemplation at the same time. In this story of little known, controversial Belgrade suburbs and outskirts and the people who live there – anonymous, ordinary people existing at the borders of a metropole, our protagonists will come across various challenges and tests, pleasures and disappointments. Stavric Brothers with their “brilliant” new business ideas will once again get into troubles, only this time with much higher stake because they will get involved with government affairs. Hoping they would solve their existence problems, naïve and foolish, they accept all business propositions. What they do not suspect, is that police detective Pavlovic decided to bring their story to an end. Above all, the appearance of a femme fatale, a mysterious widow will make the situation even more complicated. She will make all of them lose their mind. The only member of Stavric Family who will have his own story and path is Hrana, their younger son. Led by his own desire and mission, he will end up at roots of his ancestors, in Kosovo.

Cast: Tihomir Stanić, Anita Mančić, Mira Banjac, Radoš Bajić, Milenko Pavlov, Boris Milivojević,  Marko Živić, Svetlana Bojković, Ana Alexander, Nenad Jezdić, Tanasije Uzunović, Ivan Vučković, Nedeljko Bajić, Đorđe Erčević, Isidora Minić, Aleksandar Srećković Kubura, Nenad Heraković, Milan Kalinić, Marko Pavlović, Ivan Jevtović, Đurđina Radić, Petar Benčina, Iva Štrljić, Tamara Šustić, Mihailo Perišić, Mateja Popović, Dragan Marinković Maca and many others...