Preziveti Beograd

TV series, 4o episodes
Premier: RTV Pink, October 2019.

Director: Djordje Stanimirovic
Writers: Djordje Milosavljevic, Katarina Mitrovic, Milica Jevtic
DOP: Predrag Jocic S.A.S i Marko Bulajic
Producers: Zeljko Mitrovic i Nedeljko Bajic
Executive producers: Jelena Bajic Jocic i Predrag Jocic
Creative producer: Rados Bajic
Editors: Stevan Maric, Aleksandar Popovic, Ana Zugic, Nemanja Milojevic, Andrej Krizan
Makeup artist: Mirjana Stevovic
Production designer: Maja Djuricic
Costume designer: Jana Zaharijevic
Sound recordist: Vladica Budic
Sound designer: Igor Perovic
Soundtrack Savrsen dan (Perfect day) - Momcilo Bajagic Bajaga

  • Synopsis

    „Preziveti Beograd“ tells a story about young people and their desires, about newcomers and locals in Belgrade, their hopes and dreams, ups and downs – a story written by one of the most successful Serbian contemporary screen writers, Djordje Milosavljevic.

    The storyline is mostly set in the present day Belgrade, following the lives of our four central characters, four college girls who, despite their different characters and backgrounds become inseparable and confide in each other. Nevena, Ruzica and Marina grew up in different parts of Serbia. They came to study in Belgrade where they met a local girl, Ljudmila. They are all placed at the same dorm room where their friendship begins. Going together through different life situations will bond them for life.

    As story develops we will get to know a variety of other characters the girls encounter. At the same time, behind the central storyline we will be introduced to the families and personal stories of each girl, since they all share strong connection with their homes.
    One of the characters of the series is the city of Belgrade itself, shaping girls’ destinies. Following the lives of our protagonists, the series will show us the way young people experience Belgrade, the city open to receive anyone willing to move in, work hard and become a part of it.

    Instead of showing negative aspect of life, the series “Preziveti Beograd”, will focus on youth and enthusiasm, young love, life struggles, hopes and dreams and their determination to survive in big city.

Nina Neskovic, Tamara Sustic, Lenka Petrovic, Bojana Stojkovic, Lazar Nikolic, Nemanja Rafailovic, Dejan Maksimovic, Nikola Surbanovic, Isidora Minic, Aleksandar Sreckovic, Mira Banjac, Tihomir Stanic, Branka Selic, Boris Pingovic, Igor Djordjevic, Nebojsa Milovanovic, Rados Bajic, Slavisa Curovic, Nela Mihailovic, Branko Jankovic, Dejan Toncic, Milena Pavlovic, Milos DJordjevic, Nikola Bulatovic, Anastasia Mandic, DJordje Zivadinovic, Mirjana DJurdjevic, Mateja Popovic, Dara Dzokic, Nenad Herakovic, Zorana Becic Djordjevic etc.