Double Trouble

Feature film, Comedy
Premiere - March, 3, 2016

Director/Writer: Radoš Bajić
Director of Photography: Predrag Jočić, S.A.S
Editor: Stevan Marić
Production Design: Dragan Mićanović
Costume Design: Ivana Nestorović
Make-up Artist: Mirjana Stevović
Sound Recordist: Vladica Budić
Sound Designer: Igor Perović i Ivan Kljajić
Music Composer: Aleksandar Sanja Ilić
Producer: Nedeljko Bajić
Executive Producer: Jelena Bajić-Jočić

  • Synopsis

    “Double trouble”, a feature film by Rados Bajic is a comedy of character and mentality, describing the lives of one certain share of Serbian population strongly connected to village and rural way of living.

    Dramatic composition of the story inclines substantially to the well-known characters from the legendary TV series “Selo gori a baba se ceslja”, their honesty, simplicity and innocence and kindness. “Double trouble” makes a part of a wider saga that describes with nostalgia onetime forgotten Serbia and vanishing Serbian villages. It is an authentic and truthful picture of Serbia and the river of Morava, seen through the eyes of the author Rados Bajic - the picture that he has been creating and nourishing for decades.

    Through an improved dramatic composition, we have relocated our protagonists from the well-known rural environment to the new, unknown circumstances and situations. We have given them hope they could change their lives overnight and fulfill their dreams. The only condition is – they have to give up their lives and accept new values and symbols of consumer society. At the beginning of the story, we find our protagonists – Radasin and Milasin in their typical “fighting over nothing” way of life. One day, both of them receive a letter of the same content. Excited about what they have read, dreaming of a better life, they both hit the road… only they know where to… However, as it usually happens, instead of meeting a wealthy cousin from Australia, Radasin finds himself stuck with a mysterious blonde in Serbian mountains full of wild beasts, while Milasin gets lost in the village of Vranovo, a step away from the safety zone. Their journey to a better life - becomes the journey to infinity…

    Through various comical situations and encounters, our heroes will make this story a comedy of absurd.

Cast: Milorad Mandic-Manda, Rados Bajic, Ljiljana Stjepanovic, Olga Odanovic, Mirko Babic, Nada Blam, Nedeljko Bajic, Jelena Gavrilovic, Milena Predic, Branko Jankovic, Nenad Okanovic, Marija Petronijevic, Nikola Dzamic, Apostol Apostolovic, Miroljub Trosic – Djoda, Slobodan Pavelkic, Marko Milic etc.

Guest stars: Tihomir Stanic i Tomo Kuruzovic

Special guest star: Enver Petrovci