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"Contrast studios" and "Telekom Srbija" are proud to present the official trailer of the long-awaited film by Radoš Bajić, "Heroji Halijarda"! Watch TrailerMore in KurirMore in RTS
Filming of the second season of the TV show "The ABCs of life", created and directed by Jelena Bajić Jočić, ended. New episodes premieres this fall! More in EuronewsMore in Politika
After five years of work Contrast Studio and Telekom Srbija brings you the first official teaser for the feature film "Heroes of Halyard". The premiere is scheduled for the fall of 2023. Watch TeaserMore …
Popular TV show The ABCs of life started filming today in Belgrade. Premiere is expected to be in the autumn next year, announced the director and creator of the TV show Jelena Bajic Jocic. …
Memoirs "My life - My story" depicts 45 years long career of the famous actor, writer and director Rados Bajic. More in BlicMore in BlicMore in Novosti
Filming of the movie "Heroes of Halyard" and TV series "Air Bridge" led by Rados Bajic has finished. Premier is expected in fall of 2023. More in NovostiMore in Informer
"Zlatni beočug" award for a lasting contribution to the culture of Belgrade and the exceptional value of the TV series "Azbuka našeg života", given to the director and creator of this TV project, Jelena …
The Heroes of Halyard will be exciting story of heroism, patriotism and love, about yearning for freedom... More in Novosti
The Heroes of Halyard featured film and TV series from the director and writer Radoš Bajić continued. The movie premiere is planned to be in the fall of 2023. More in RTSMore in Kurir
New TV show based on the novels by Mirjana Bobic Mojsilovic coming soon. More in BlicMore in TelegrafMore in Espreso