Ustanička, 25/4, Beograd, Srbija

Selo gori… i tako.

After three seasons of TV series “Selo gori a baba se ceslja” running with huge success, in 2009 producers and authors of the project made a decision to produce a feature film with the title “Selo gori… i tako”, from the author Rados Bajic, based on the themes of this popular series.

Inclining towards well known characters and issues of the series bringing a tale of a contemporary Serbian villager in a very specific way, upholding basic human values, within the traditional ambiances of our history, heritage and culture, depicting Serbian village as base of our existence, the film “Selogori… i tako” represents a unique kind of response to a great impression that was made in public by the problem of breast cancer, treated in this popular TV series.

The story focuses on the struggle of a woman and her family with the severe disease. Through the series of dramatic episodes striking the family of the main character, Radasin Rakovic, caused by his wife Radojka’s cancer problem, author Rados Bajic describes the drama that a family suffers when facing dangerous cancer disease.

This is a film of undoubted artistic values, an exciting tale with strong and far-reaching massages. However, at the same time, “Selo gori… i tako” has one other purpose – to increase and rise the health awareness and responsibility, particularly in rural parts of Serbia. As a result, the film became a part of a national campaign “Serbia against cancer”, organized by Serbian Ministry of Health, with Ljiljana Stjepanovic (in the role of Radojka) as a promoter of the campaign.

Producer: Contrast Studios

Co-producer: Serbian Broadcasting Corporation

Director/ Writer: Radoš Bajić

Director of photography: Predrag Jočić

Composer: Aleksandar Sanja Ilić

Editor: Stevan Marić

Production designer: Ivan Denić

Costume designer: Vesna Teodosić

Make-up designer: Stanislava Zarić


Radoš Bajić
Ljiljana Stjepanović
Milorad Mandić Manda
Olga Odanović
Nenad Okanović
Dragan Nikolić
Mirko Babić
Nada Blam
Meto Jovanovski
Nedeljko Bajić
Mladen Nelević
Milan Čučilović
Branko Đurić
Milena Pavlović
Goca Tržan and many others.