Ustanička, 25/4, Beograd, Srbija

Rift of a nation

“Rift of a nation”, first season of the great “World War II Trilogy 1941-1945“, is one of the most ambitious and production challenging projects of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation from its inception.

The project was originally created and conceived as a series of three seasons, dedicated to the theme of World War II in Serbia, where the first one, through ten episodes, covers the spring of 1941, invasion of Nazi Germany on Serbia and the breakdown of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

In the center of the story is Taralic family, from the village of Planinica on the slopes of Ravna Gora. Their fate, sufferings and troubles become a metaphor for the collective tragedy Serbian people suffered in the turmoil of history whose protagonists were authentic historical characters, amongst them: King Peter II, generals Dušan Simovć and Bora Mirković, colonel Dragoljub Draža Mihailović, Josip Broz Tito, Slobodan Penezić Krcun, Davorjanka Paunović, the member of the Academy Slobodan Jovanović, Milan Nedić, majors Miodrag Paloševic and Aca Mišić, and many other officers, nameless NCO-s, soldiers, citizens, peasants and common people…

Seeing the project in overall, this is an epic media endeavor, rated as a national project, with a great historical importance and social responsibility. For the first time in recent history, „Rift of a nation“, with an objective and historically truthful representation of dramatic events in Serbia in April and May of 1941, without single-mindedness and ignoring the truth, without judgment and false labeling, pays a tribute to the greatest aspirations of Serbian people during the WWII, regardless of their political dogmas.When speaking of historically recognized resistance movements in Serbia in 1941, communist or Chetnik, which collaborated closely against the common invader until November 1941, this project has a goal to demystify ideological follies and to revise historical injustice for those who were patriots, but stigmatized and belittled for decades on ideology basis.

After years of preparations and shooting, impatiently awaited, the “Rift of a nation” had its TV premiere in winter 2013/14, on the channels of Serbian national television. Even before the first scene was seen, the series incited huge commotion in public. After the airing, audience and critics were deeply divided. Simultaneously supported and opposed, praised and assaulted, TV series “Rift of a nation”, was, according to the electronic measurements, high in the list of top TV programs on Serbian TV stations, and No1 TV series in 2014.

Director/ Writer: Radoš Bajić

Director of photography: Predrag Jočić

Editor: Stevan Marić

Production designer: Dragan Mićanović

Costume designer: Vesna Teodosić

Make-up artist: Dušica Vuksanović

Sound designer: Igor Perović

Sound recordist: Darko Glišić

Music: HIBOU


Nebojša Glogovac, Dragan Bjelogrlić, Mirko Babić, Lazar Ristovski, Radoslav Milenković, Milorad Mandić, Nenad Jezdić, Radko Polić, Petre Arsovski, Olga Odanović, Ljiljana Stjepanović, Jelena Mila, Marko Baćović, Slobodan Ninković, Nedeljko Bajić, Branislav Tomašević, Miloš Timotijević, Nenad Okanović, Aleksandar Filimonović, Stojan Đorđević, Nikola Ranđelović, Đorđe Živadinović, Nina Mrđa, Miloš Biković, and many others