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The film “Ice” ( represents an apotheosis of loyalty and love. The story focuses on the lives of archetypal characters and metaphorically represents the inexorable uprooting of a Serbian family during the 1970s, the demise and disappearance of hamlets and villages in the magnificent Šumadija, the most beautiful region of central Serbia.

Set in Šumadija’s Radomilje village during the period of false bliss in Yugoslavia during the last decade of Tito’s life – in 1976, the dramatic plot focuses on 20-year-old villager Milivoje, living with his mother Stana, grandfather Životije and grandmother Saveta. Milivoje is torn and haunted by the portentous and foreboding memories of the harrowing death of his father in a quarry 10 years earlier, when he was still a boy. Clandestine love between his mother and man called Miroslav, living in the neighboring house across the hill, makes his drama and suspicions even stronger.

The screenplay for the film “Ice” is based on the themes of the 1976 monodrama of the same name, written by renowned Serbian scriptwriter, actor and director Radoš Bajić.

“Ice” is the debut work of young directorJelena Bajić Jočić, of which she said:

This is a poetic elegy of people torn between heaven and earth, a film of state of mind, internal conflict and the most delicate of apprehensions, atmosphere, nostalgia and melancholy. It is a tale of lost happiness and dreams, fears and transience, the supremacy of fate and the laws of nature, the gratitude and cruelty of nature, the inability of man to change that and influence the course of his own life…

With its universal message, “Ice” strongly asserts the fundamental virtues and values of life, love, honesty, justice, dignity, honor, kindness, respect… Accordingly, and despite the fact that it is a Serbian story, in terms of place of origin and residence, its design of a unique national identity within a traditional, anthropological and cultural context, “Ice” has the ambition to establish broad communication and recognize its viewers wherever in the world they may be.

Festival awards:

Cyprus International Film Festival – Nicosia, Cyprus (2013)

  • Golden Aphrodite – Best Feature Film:Jelena Bajić Jočić
  • Best Production Design in a Feature Film: PredragJočić
  • Best score in a Feature Film: Aleksandar Sanja Ilić
  • Best Cinematography in a Feature Film: Nedeljko Bajić, PredragJočić, Jelena Mila

Feature Film Festival – Nis, Serbia (2013)

  • Empress Theodora – Best Actress in a Leading Role: Nela Mihailović
  • Best actress – Audience Award: Nela Mihailović
  • Best Foreign Actor: Momčilo Otašević

Jahorina Film Festival, BiH (2013)

  • Golden Gentian

International Film Festival – Khabarovsk, Russia (2013)

  • Prize for the Best Debut Film: Jelena Bajić Jočić
  • Prize for the Best Film Music: Aleksandar Sanja Ilić

Peloponnesian Corinthian International Film Festival, Greece (2013)

  • Best Actress in a Leading Role: Nela Mihailović
  • Best Cinematography in a Feature Film: PredragJočić
  • Best Production Design: Nedeljko Bajić, PredragJočić, Jelena Mila
  • Nomination for Golden Pegasus Award, Grand Prix of the Festival

Serbian Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – Crystal Prism Award

Crystal Prism – Best Visual Effects: Dušan Ivanović, Muhamed M’ Barek, Srđan Vasić

  • The film has been nominated in the categories:
    • Best Debut Film: Jelena Bajić Jočić
    • Best Film Editing: Stevan Marić
    • Best Actress in a Leading Role: Nela Mihailović
    • Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Olga Odanović
    • Best Original Score: Aleksandar Sanja Ilić
    • Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Dušica Vuksanović

Serbian film festival Inc, Australia (2013)

  • People’s choice awards

International Music Film Festival, Parma, Italy (2014)

  • Grand Prix, Violetta d’Oro – Best Soundtrack


Raindance Film Festival , London, UK

Festival of SerbianFilm, Australia

International Film Festival of India , Goa, India

Pune International Film Festival , Pune, India


Director: Jelena Bajić-Jočić

Writer: Radoš Bajić

Director of photography: PredragJočić

Composer: Aleksandar Sanja Ilić

Editor: Stevan Marić

Production designer: Jasna Dragović

Costume designer: Vesna Teodosić

Makeup artist: Dušica Vuksanović

Sound recordist: Darko Glišić

Sound designer: Igor Perović


Velimir Bata Živojinović

Nela Mihajlović

Olga Odanović

Momčilo Otašević

Nenad Jezdić

Rale Milenković

Nedeljko Bajić

Biljana Mišić

Dubravko Jovanović

Specijalni gosti:

Emir Hadžihafizbegović

Radoš Bajić

Special guest stars:

Emir Hadžihafizbegović

Radoš Bajić