Executive Production


Contrast Studios is a production company that handles filmmaking business professionally, constantly striving to achieve high production quality and values.
In addition, Contrast Studios can provide complete EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION SERVICES for all types of video, TV or film projects of any level of complexity and cost. There is a wide range of services we can offer to any filmmaker planning to work in Serbia either as a base for the entire production, as a location for part of the shoot or for post-production services.

Along with our outsourcing, expertise and great experience in filmmaking, our dedication and hardworking, Contrast Studios can offer a variety of production services, depending of the production needs, specially tailored for specific project, including:


– Film cast and crew (actors, authors and other film professionals)

– Production management

– Location management

– Constructions and Sets

– Film studios

– Production offices

– Equipment rental

– Camera and lighting

– Extras, crowds and stuntmen

– Hotel accommodation

– Transportation vehicles & services

– Craft & catering services

– Postproduction services

– Animation & Special effects

– Costumes provision and rental