About Us


Contrast Studios is a film and television production company from Belgrade, founded in 2005.

The company is primarily involved in filmmaking and TV series, handling the complete production process through all its phases, from the initial idea to the final creation. Given that, during the period 2006-10, in the position of executive producer, in coproduction with Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS), Contrast Studios has achieved great success producing 89 episodes, that is four seasons of TV series “Selo gori a baba se ceslja”, from the author Rados Bajic. This television series beat all general ratings ever recorded by far on Serbian market, and therefore became one of the most popular TV programs on Serbian television. In the meanwhile, “Selo gori a baba se ceslja” came to be a specific cultural and sociology phenomenon, analyzed and discussed by certain eminent theoreticians of culture and society, which all illustrates how popular and recognized this TV series was.
What followed the well-liked TV series was the feature film “Selo gori… i tako”, and then the film “Ice”, written by Rados Bajic, from the director Jelena Bajic-Jocic. This brilliant drama had its grand premiere in October 2012. The film was then screened across Serbia, participated at numerous national and international film festivals during 2013/14, winning a number of awards.

The next major project of Contrast Studios was TV series “World War II Trilogy 1941-45”, written and directed by Rados Bajic. Its first season, called “Rift of a nation”, causing large interest at audience and critics, was aired in the period November 2013- January 2014, on RTS channels. The series made its way to the list of the most popular TV programs. The affair of the project covers the period of the Second World War in Serbia, particularly the beginning of the conflict, in the spring of 1941.

Beside filmmaking, Contrast Studios is furthermore involved into production of all kinds of videos, music or TV, corporate or promotional films, and television commercials as well. There is a long list of Serbian companies and individuals we worked for.
In order to obtain high-quality and effective results, Contrast Studios also disposes of their own shooting and grip equipment, modern and professional video-editing studio, outsourcing, vehicles, logistics and infrastructure. Adding there creative and author work of Contrasts’ permanent team, and cooperation with eminent authors, actors and other artists, the results are first-class projects made with the unique Contrast Studios mark.