Contrast Studios

is a film and television production company from Belgrade, founded in 2005.

The company is primarily involved in filmmaking and TV series, handling the complete production process through all its phases, from the initial idea to the final creation.

Given that, during the period 2006-10, in the position of executive producer, in coproduction with Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS), Contrast Studios has achieved great success producing 89 episodes, that is four seasons of TV series “Selo gori a baba se ceslja”, from the author Rados Bajic.

This television series beat all general ratings ever recorded by far on Serbian market, and therefore became one of the most popular TV programs on Serbian television. In the meanwhile, “Selo gori a baba se ceslja” came to be a specific cultural and sociology phenomenon, analyzed and discussed by certain eminent theoreticians of culture and society, which all illustrates how popular and recognized this TV series was.